Ballbusting World - BW-0039 You Think You Can Take Me!

Ballbusting World - BW-0039 You Think You Can Take Me!

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Van: Kruvi
6 jaar geleden
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ballsoff gepost 1 jaar geleden

She’s amazing! Lovely and a true Sadist! i’m the lucky slave! This was, i think, the 3rd time i’d ever been ballbusted... it was the moment i had to decide either to forget about my balls and just please the Mistress or to try and save the balls... but who am i kidding... She’s a gorgeous Mistress and i’m a loser (still a virgin... this also was the 3rd time any Female had touched my balls ever!)... and who are we kidding? i’m better off out of the gene pool and accepting being a loser! My only regrets? i didn’t start sooner in life, that i wore a mask and that i couldn’t take more. However, She was and is a Goddess.

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Kruvi gepost 6 jaar geleden

sry about sounds like Mr.Bean :)
Have you actually heard of him before in this situation? ;)))