A Two Hour Ball Squeezing Adventure With Danie ...

Chapter 1. Explaining My Insatiable Ball-Squeezing Fetish

Chapter 2. Taking Possession of Brian’s Large Nude Balls

Chapter 3. Why All Men Love It When I Crush their Balls

Chapter 4. Brian’s Painful Two-Hour Ball Squeezing Session Begins as I Drag him Out of the Theater by his Big Horny Balls

Chapter 5. Exhibiting Brian’s Hard Cock and Sore Balls to the High School Girls

Chapter 6. Stripped, Ballbusted, and Face Fucked Upside Down

1. Explaining my Insatiable Ball-Squeezing Fetish

I didn’t feel like going out tonight. I was way too comfortable lying naked in bed, playing with myself, and getting ready to relive the entire sequence of events that happened on my date with Brian last Friday night…

There’s something about curling my bare fingers around a man’s tender and bare naked testicles that is just so fucking hot for me. By merely grabbing a firm hold of those two round balls that hang so helplessly between a man’s legs, I am not just gripping his whole manhood, but his whole heart and soul too.

It gets me so turned on I almost can’t handle it. And the fact that he likes it… the fact that he LIKES surrendering his manhood to a gorgeous and dominant woman like myself—that’s what REALLY turns me on. It turns me on so much it makes me squeeze his nuts even harder as I soak the entire moment up between my legs.

I never met a man who didn’t like having his nuts owned by a pretty girl… such as myself… though I never met a man who admitted it either. It’s just one of those things that is simply too embarrassing for a man to openly admit. But it’s not like he has to admit it anyway, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about a man, it's that his cock does not lie. Even if he does. It never even fibs. When a man’s cock likes something, it lets you know right away… even if the man tries to lie about it.

Not only does a man’s cock not lie, it lets you know when its owner is lying. It’s a major Pinocchio parallel too. Because when a man does lie, his cock grows even harder, as if to betray him for lying about what truly made it get so hard in the first place. Cocks just don’t like liars. And they’re not afraid to rat one out.

At least that’s my experience. Cause every time a man realizes that his tender balls now belong to my pretty little bare hand—err, my pretty little TIGHT bare hand—that’s when his cock springs RIGHT THE FUCK UP, wrapping itself around my wrist like a snake getting ready to kill.

Yup, all men love surrendering their balls to a pretty girl, especially if she knows how to handle ‘em.

And it’s understandable why a man would deny his cock’s enjoyment of having his balls owned and controlled by the whims of a pretty girl. After all, if he’s your typical man, he was raised to believe his rightful place was banging us innocent girls over a couch two at a time—NOT getting his entire manhood swallowed up in our cute little fists. So it’s more than a little humiliating when he finds himself completely controlled by one of those cute fists shoved down his pants.

And, truth be told, there’s actually a very SPECIFIC point where it becomes terminally erotic for me. And it’s not the moment when I reach into his undies and grab a hold of those bare naked plums as they hang so innocently between his legs… though I do love that part ever so much… and it’s not the moment when I squeeze his naked balls so hard he whimpers like a little girl… though I really love that part too :)

… but it’s the moment when he looks into my eyes and realizes his balls are no longer his...

They’re mine!

It’s that look that says:

“Oh fuck… I’m no longer in control of my own balls. This cute little thing standing across from me…with her hand shoved all the way down my pants…staring me down with her hungry eyes… is now in complete control of me… and my balls…”

And continues to say:

“Oh man, I can’t believe I let it happen so easily. I never thought something so pretty and innocent, like a girl’s hand, could crawl its precious little purple glitter-tipped nails between my legs and so easily clench down on my tender ballsac… and SO FUCKING TIGHTLY too.”

And then says:

“What the hell??!! I’m supposed to be dominating her, not the other way around. I’m supposed to be banging her over my couch right now… But instead, she has my whole world wrapped up in her slinky little feminine hand. And I’m completely helpless to stop her. Oh my GAAAD, what’s going to happen to me next????”

Yeah, THAT look!!

I fucking LOVE that look!! It gets my pussy so wet to see it sweep across a man’s face while I’m clutching his sacred pouch and staring him right in his disillusioning eyes. And, quite ironically, in that moment that he realizes I am replacing him as the new and rightful owner of his nude horny balls, that’s when his dick springs up so rock fucking hard it snaps around my arm and hugs my wrist with such adoration of my feminine superiority.

Now that’s his dick. What about him? Oh he’s just in awe. Deep submissive awe.

Staring into his eyes and seeing this once macho boy now so submissively born again in my girly grip… and feeling that surging rock hard cock betray—not just his big male ego—but also that throbbing discomfort in his once so proud and overconfident testicles… um, uh, it gets me so fucking hot I have to clench my teeth to stall my pussy from exploding prematurely…

Why stall it...? Duh, because I want to squeeze those nuts all fucking night long, while edging myself toward a ridiculously explosive climax. I want to wait until my wet cunt is staring him right in the eyes and drooling on his face as he tongue fucks it like his nuts depend on how good he gets it off… Cuz they do… lol… they so do…

I got his nuts wrapped up in my fist and he isn’t going anywhere until he gets a face full of my hot wet climax.

I usually time myself to explode right about the time his soft whimpers for me to let go of his sore nuts turn into ranting cries that sound a little like, um…




Yeap, that’s usually what I time my release to. That’s when I cover his crying mouth with a huge load of my climax and also, to his double delight, I let go of those unbelievably sore balls.

Honestly, it’s the only reason I go out on Friday nights anymore, just to hunt for just the right boy to cozy up with. I’ll date him for a bit, maybe go out to eat or whatever, and then usually top it off with a nice movie. And that’s where I wait for the perfect moment to take possession of that boy’s defenseless manhood. Kinda reminds me of last Friday night with Brian.

So yeah, last Friday night, I went to the movies with a really cocky boy named Brian that I found in the campus bar the night before. He was a senior, just like me, so I figured we were the perfect match. He made a few lame passes at me, thinking he was in “control” of the situation.

And, of course, I let him believe he was.

I let him believe what I always let them believe… that I’m just a shy little innocent girl hoping a big strong man like Brian would throw me over a couch, rip my skirt and panties down, and fuck me like a little bitch.

After he asked me a bunch of times, in a bunch of different ways, while totally making a fool of himself, I finally gave into going out to the movies with him.

The next night, Brian picked me up at my place, in his manly 4-by-4, and drove me to the theater. He had all the macho moves too… one hand on the wheel, low riding, leaning back like he was the pimp and I was just his little bitch for the night. I couldn’t wait to show him who the little bitch really was. I chose a loud movie with a lot of action sequences to prevent attracting too much attention… too soon… Eventually, I wanted to attract a lot of attention. My goal was attention. But only after he’s under control....

This is the opening of MY SICK NASTY BALL SQUEEZING FETISH, aka on Amazon Kindle, The Inner Workings of My Darkest Domination Fantasties. By Daniella Dariana.

Download the full story here. bit.ly/2i4IDLM. Check out other audio ballbusting stories and POV's here: bit.ly/2hK18X7.

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desertguy gepost 1 jaar geleden

You are so hot, Daniella. What a dream come true to have you grip, wrench and twist my aching and swollen nuts till they're ready to pop, and I'm spurting all over the place. And I think you are right, most all men would crave this from you. Why they wouldn't want to admit it is beyond me, we should all be proud of what we love and desire, especially where a goddess is concerned.

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