Jenn is a really beautiful 18 year old girl. She was sent to a selfdefense training by her Mother because she said that a cute girl like her in dark Streets could be dangerous for her. So After some lessons Jenn wouldnt have to fear anything anymore. She is so annoyed that her Mother made she do this. Jenn knew how to defend herself against men. She took on some of her Sports cloth meanIng a Pink nylon leggins and a white belly free top. Those clothes really emphasises her nice full breasts and big juicy butt aswell as her long and strong legs.

She come into the gym and met the selfdefense class. There are surprinsingly a lot of other girls the which also dont have the Standard white selfdefense outfit aswell which was similar to the ones you wear in karate. There are also some other guys in class there.

Finally the teacher came and the lessons could begin. Jenn right away notices how well build he is. He is about 2 heads taller than Her. He is muscly from his big Torso, broad shoulders and big arms to his trained, big legs. He has a slight beard under his chin. He is really manly. He is a few years older than her. Jenn only knew those stupid highschool Boys but this here is a real man. She thinks about how mature and perfected his genitals are in those trousers. He has a deep voice emphasising his whole body. From all those girls he also noices her the most. She is so fucking sexy in this top. Her slim waist and nice curves from her big point boobs and her leggins which perfectly show her butt cheeks and the crack in the middle where her soft and juicy pussy is arouses him so much.

The lessons was pretty boring for Jenn though. She had to punch the air the whole time and stuff like that. The selfdefense teacher here and then explained something. He even shower the class some stuff. What he did was he took one of the guys in class and showed them how and what to do when someone does that or that. And then end the guy he Picked out was always on the ground beneath him and the whole class laughed, but not Jenn. He did that to Impress Jenn but It didnt Seem to work.

The lesson is now over. And everyone goes to the fitting rooms. The whole gym is empty and everyone left. Jenn is the last one in the girl's fittIng room and she still has on that outfit she wore the whole time. She hears someone knocking on the door.

"Uhm yes?" She opened the door. It is the selfdefense teacher. He is still Wearing the White fighting uniform.

"ehm. Jenn right? My name is Derek. I saw you in class today and i have to say you were pretty good at it."

He really is taller and bigger than Jenn so He could stare on her breats and could even see her hard nipples Through her shirt.

"Uhm yes thank you" she said smiling "but there are more efficient ways to take an Attacker down than with punches in the belly and head as you showed us today"

" Oh really " He said " maybe we could go in to the gym again and there i could Show you other techniques"

" Ok, Sounds good. Give me five minutes." And with that she closes the door. Derek is so so excited. That is exactly the reason why he went to the fitting room. To get an private hour with Jenn. And because selfdefense is so touchy there will be more than enough opportunitins to look and maybe even touch her hot, feminine body.

When Jenn steps into the gym derek is already waitIng for her. As she walks towards him he notices her Bobby bouncing up and down and how her ass is wiggling from side to side. She is now standing infront of her. Her whole body is spreadIng like well smelling pheromones. Derek gets a slight boner.

" Ok. You said before that my way to defend arent efficent so I will show you something different. So First of I will Show you what to to if someone is holding on to you from the front. I will Show you first."

Jenn has to grab his white selfdefense top and now derek uses his feet and by holding on to her top aswell with his big muscular Arms to push her over his foot he spread before to get her on the ground. Derek chose this exercise on purpose because so when he would hold on to her top he would feel her thick boobs with his big hands. And thats what happened. Now his slight boner Rises a bit.

"Are you okay. Now you try. "

Jenn immediatly stands up again and now once again Derek is holding on to her big breasts .She now once again Grabs his white top aswell. He is enjoyIng his Hand on to her right breast a lot.

"I dont understand why there are so complex defense techniques when there is way easier way to take down men."

With that she Lifts up her long leg with her bare foot and Swings it right between his big muscly legs into his mature manhood. As she Hits his big eggs with her bare foot from downwards he loses the Grip of her boobs and had to get on the floor while he is loudly moaning in His manly voice. He is holding his groin. He is rolling on the floor in Pain while Jenn is truely amazed of what she did.


"Oh yes it was. You were a Attacker and i took you down. Wasnt that the exercise?!" She laughed.

After full 7 minutes he was able to stand up again. He is still in a lot of pain and was still Bend over because he stil cant bare the pain.

" ahhh. Mrghmm. I have to say...Mrghmmm ...You got me there. Good job arghh...Maybe we can try something different now. Maybe a scenario when someone is coming from behind."

"Yea Sound good haha"

"Ok so get behind me and take your arms and put them around my corpse. Now what i just have to do is I take my arm and reach behind to put iyour neck in to my armpit and now ill use it to push you down . " everything happened as he said.

"Ok now ill try"

"Yea sure go ahead beautiful " With that he comes behind Jenn and puts his slightly hairy arms around her underneath her breasts.. He clearly used this opportunity to feel her soft melons and he also rubbs his genitals against her perfectly shaped ass From behind. . Jenn instead of followIng the exercise slides her hand into his underwear. He didnt shave down there. " Woaa" Said Derek as he loses the Grip of her body a bit. She Feels his big balls and Checks how full they are. They are full. And then his dick. It is errected. She pulls her hand out again and now clenched her fist. She Lifts it it front of her and solidy smashes it behind her perfectly on target in his Compact balls. He again loses Every hold of Jenn's Body and goes moaning to the floor.

"Girls dont need to learn anything about selfdefense. I mean, all those muscles and training and still men go down so easily by a hit to where it hurts. " she said laughing. The whole gym is empty. Otherwise everyone would have heard his screams. Derek cant reply because of his pain.

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